Well, there's quite a lot of things I'm interested in. My intent for this section is to split off subsections where I can go into greater detail about some of my hobbies, maybe with some pictures and such. For now it's going to be a bit sparse, but stay tuned, because a lot of these will probably link off into more indepth separate pages in the future.

Anime: I've been into anime since at least my early teens. Over time, I've built up a fairly impressive collection of physical releases of shows. I'm not that great at keeping up with the new stuff (not at the moment at least) but I'm absolutely the sort of person who'll buy something on physical media sight unseen. It's entirely possible that the way anime used to work 15-20 years ago had something to do with that.

I wrote this rather silly article for this site that's about anime. Is Neo Yokio Anime? An Analysis. Please check it out!

Also, I've had this idea of making cute little minisites or shrines for anime series I really like. Check that out here: Cute anime minisites index page

Games: I've been into PC games since I was like... 4 I guess? Consoles I came to a bit later, and to be honest I feel a bit like some of the modern ones are kinda redundant for me... like they don't do anything that my PC can't do so what's the point? That being said, I've got a Switch so there's that. I was more into earlier generations of consoles, though. Although I have a rather large Steam library, lately I've been feeling a lot like it's nicer to own actual physical copies of games. I've built up a bit of a collection of big box PC games, as well as primarily aiming for physical releases with my Switch game buying.

Vinyl records: I like music (I mean doesn't everyone?) but I think this also fits into a trend you're maybe seeing here of physical meida fetishism. But yeah, if I own an album ideally it's on vinyl. I enjoy the physicality of it. Although tapes and even CDs also have their aesthetic benefits in certain situations.

Queer stuff: If you read the "About Me" page you'd know that I'm genderfluid. I'm also bi/pan, and generally I'm pretty comfortable using the "queer" label to describe myself. A fair amount of my friends also fall into the same sort of "queer nerd" category. But yeah, I have some pretty Intense and Personal feelings about gender and the like.

Tech stuff: I mean I've been online for literal decades, which is wild if you think about it. I was definitely one of those "into computers" kids, and now I'm one of those "builds their own computers" types of adult, as well as the "crafts a personal webpage out of pure hand-wrought HTML" type.

Physical media in general: So you may have noticed I have a bit of a pattern of like physical media collecting. I've got it all nicely organised on shelves and I've put up a page on this site where you can see it all. The page what with a ton of shelf photos. (warning, if you're on dial-up there's about 5mb of images here so it may take a while to load)

More stuff: I'm sure I'll think of more stuff to put here