Here's a few locations around these wild worlds of cyberspace that might be fun or interesting to check out! I'll definitely be fleshing this out more.

My stuff

I've consolidated all the various other places I can be found online into so feel free to check that out and follow me on any of those new-fangled social medias.

My friend's stuff

If you're a friend please give me a shout so I can link your site here.

The Action Points Podcast is a podcast run by several of my friends. I've been on it a few times!

Bookquarium is a blog which features my friend Ariel writing about books.

My friend Evan claims he will eventually have content on

Stories from the Geelong Botanic Gardens is my Mum's blog and as a respectful and good child I feel it would be remiss to not link it.

A.L. Reynolds is a good friend and is an Australian author writing romance and I'm super pumped to read their book!

Websites what I want to mention here is something I feel I really need to mention here, considering my nostalgic feel. It's basically an archive put together by Jason Scott of text content from old BBS systems. It's a fascinating look into an early era of Online.

The Doubleclicks are maybe my favourite band and you should check them out!