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2021-06-27: life and shelves and unpacking

So, I went to everyone's favourite tax-dodging swedish furniture store IKEA yesterday. I got a blahaj and a front hall table and a desk for my old computer and a couch that still needs to be built and most relevantly a CD shelf. I'm glad they still sell something designed to hold CDs because, like, I've got a fair number of them and it helps if I can keep them organised. I'd also recently obtained a nicely old CD player (I think the model is from like 1986 or something) which hooks up nicely to my mostly even older hifi system. So yay, physical media. What do you expect of me?

I'm kinda in a weird state of flux with my house organising situation. Like things are very much not all sorted yet but I'm getting to the point of like where my kitchen starts being a barely managed mess but like there's also boxes that I still need to sort out. So that's weird. Or possibly normal, everyone always tells me that they have like loads of non-unpacked boxes apparently. But look, it feels weird, ok?

I could kinda do with more social event tbh. Like I wanna have house guests. Hasn't happened yet, like lockdown was a thing of course but also I'm now thinking like wait do I have friends and how do I get my friends to visit me? If anyone knows how to do that please tell me.

This is an interesting place to write things since I have no idea if anyone reads it. Unlike the evil side of the internet where everything has a "do an engagement" button where if you see a post you can click a thing to essentially go "hey person look at me seeing your post" which is really what a like button is I guess? Here the only engagement option is that guestbook button over there which you should click and then write in.

Thoughts: I should set up either a webforum or an IRC server or both and then persuade everyone to take refuge in them and escape the Bad Internet. This likely would not work since most are not as eccentric as I am.