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2021-02-18: the first post of the year!

Today, there was a Really Big Silly Event on a popular social media site in this silly country where I live. To be honest, I tend to wonder if the problem is that we have a whole big internet out there but all we do is use like two or three Really Big Websites that then become way too powerful and use that power for their own evil purposes and refuse to relinquish it and don't care if they fuck up anything along the way. So to express these opinions I came to the thing that's just ultimately just some HTML files on a server, you know, how the Internet is SUPPOSED to work.

Anyway, facebook sucks and it's the social network for not-cool-people anyway, like your parents or the people you went to high school with who you have less and less in common with. Where do the cool people go? Well, there's my private Kawaii Uguu Industries discord server that's entirely extremly cool people, but also it seems like the Conventionally Online Types gravitate towards Twitter. The problem is, Twitter is the Hell Site. It's a vicious wild west where people are quick with the dunks and hot takes and generally an atmosphere of that kind of "being witty but in kinda a mean way" thing that people seem to mistake for humour. Of course, Twitter is mostly just a case of who you follow, so it's entirely possible that I just find myself following a bunch of arseholes or arsehole-adjacent people.

So I started a fresh new twitter account and I try to only tweet from a nice kind of headspace there and only follow nice people. At first I didn't really tell anyone about it but then I did for some of my friends. I probably am not going to explicitly mention it on main because there are probably some of the aforementioned assholes who'll start following it and I'd really rather not get their attention. But hey I'm going to plug it here. So if you're reading this and use twitter and want to see my good account, it's here: @milliesquilly.

Yes, there is also Genders going on. Of course there are, it's me we're talking about here. See like every single archived news post for more on that. Will I figure it out? I don't have to it's fluid I can do what I want.