Creative Works

Eventually, I'll hopefully have cool new things to put here. But for the time being, there's a lot of existing creative work that I put up on these here internets. And like one cool new thing I put here.

One example is my anime blog, Kawaii Uguu Dot Moe. I'm a bit slack at updating it, since it of course relies on me having something interesting to say, but there's plenty of stuff there for you to check out.

You could also check out my two Youtube channels, the one that's mostly me rambling about games as I open boxes and the one that's got me playing piano on it. The music piano one is probably the more interesting one, to be honest.

Writing is a thing I feel like I should do. I at one point was working on a fairly long story. But right now it's like partially written with a bunch of future plans in my head but every time I look at it I go "oh god what was I thinking, this is trash". So that's a Mood, as the youth say. I do want to do more writing type stuff though and maybe I should put it here.

One bit of writing I've been doing is reviews on Letterboxd - every film I watch in 2020 I'm at least trying to write a one-line review. Check it out here.

Writing done for this site:

Is arranging media on shelves a creative outlet? I'm going to say "sure why not". Look forward to the future where I stick up some photos of shelves here or something. Oh hey that future is now and the photos are right here!