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Hiya, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. Well, I really should say one of many corners, as I have a bit of a broad online presence. But anyway, this is my space, and I'm free to define it how I want.

Free in the realms of handcrafted static HTML, far from the social norms of a given social network platform.

And possibly in self-conscious imitation of a design sense that's close to two decades old, but that's because it's fun!

Feel free to poke around, I'm going to try to put some interesting stuff up here.

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And please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think.

Site Updates:

2021-11-13: Minor updates to the About Me page.

2021-05-10: Added an article about Bartender to the anime subsection!

2021-02-21: New article: The evils of physical media region codes and how to work around them.

2020-12-28: That's right, new content. Made a cute little subsection where I can make mini-sites for shows I like, check it out!

2020-05-30: A few minor changes in various places, but mainly I have moved these updates here and replaced the news with a diary!

2019-02-04: Updated links

2018-12-27: Added a page with photos of all my media shelves.

2018-12-08: Added article: Is Neo Yokio Anime? An Analysis. Also a few minor edits.

2018-12-06: Initial upload of website, late at night when I really should be in bed because I have work tomorrow.

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